Department of Arts and Crafts


Department of Arts and Crafts

Creating hand-made works and pursuing the realm of Arts and Crafts e xpressed by these works.

Art Education Course

The Art Education Course trains students as future educators. While communicating with local communities and people through art workshops and other opportunities, students develop a rich mindset and sensitivity. The course pursues creative learning to link art, education and society.

Painting Course

This course provides students an opportunity to learn about the application of color, prints, photo technologies, in addition to the basics of Western- and Japanese-style paintings. On the basis of painting skills, students improve their power of expression and find out their own characteristics. The Course nurtures artists who can work as painters and illustrators recognized in society.

Sculpture & Character Figures Course

This course is for learning how to use various materials to express images in three dimensions, to pursue unique expressions by using figurine making and carving techniques. The Course develops artists who can be self-reliant in society as creators in the field of 3D modeling.

Glass & Ceramics Course

The Glass & Ceramics Course provides students with traditional glass and ceramics techniques, as well as advanced techniques commonly used for glass and ceramics manufacturing by plaster mold casting. The course trains artists who can create unique works, and use them, by making full use of the characteristics of materials.

Jewelry & Metalworking Course

After learning the basic techniques required for jewelry making and metalworking, students master sophisticated techniques to create cloisonné ware and the like. The Jewelry & Metalworking Course nurtures individuals who can play active roles in society, with their great sensitivity and ability to produce figurative arts.