Career Support

KOBE DU is expected to produce work-ready graduates equipped with professional knowledge and techniques. Graduates are actively working at enterprises not only in Kobe, but also in various other parts of Japan and Asian countries.

Asahi Kasei Homes Corporation; Asahi Production Co., Ltd.; Urban Research Co., Ltd.; Ichijo Co., Ltd.; Issey Miyake Inc.; Osaka City Hall; Kai Graphics Inc.; Kai Corporation; Capcom Co., Ltd.; Kaminomoto Co., Ltd.; Calbee Inc.; Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd.; Kyoto Shobo Publishing; Graphic Corporation; Ltd. Kay Uno; Shin-ei Animation Co., Ltd.; Space Co., Ltd.; Seiban; Sekisui House, Ltd.; Tiger Corporation; Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.; Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.; Takarazuka stage Co., Ltd.; DesignArc Co., Ltd.; Denso Corporation; Tohgashi Co., Ltd.; Tose Co., Ltd.; Toyota Motor East Japan Inc.; Naris Cosmetics Co., Ltd.; Nishikawa Living Inc.; West Japan Railway Company; Buffalo Inc.; Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.; Beams Inc.; Five Foxes Co., Ltd.; Production I.G, Inc.; Fujitsu Ten Ltd.; Benesse Holdings, Inc.; Honda R&D Co., Ltd.; Honma Golf Co., Ltd.; Mazda Motor Corporation; Mitsubishi Motors Corporation; Mizuno Corporation; United Arrows Ltd.; Yokoo Studio Co., Ltd.; Wakayama Prefectural Government; Wacoal Corporation; OLM Digital, Inc., etc.
Corporation and many others.