Arts and Design Division

Doctoral Degree Course Arts & Design Division

The Doctoral Degree Course of the Arts & Design Division is positioned above the Master’s Degree Course, the Integrated Arts & Design Division.
The Doctoral Degree Course aims to develop human resources with a high level of intelligence who can sustain intellectual-based society in various ways, on the basis of Arts and Design. At the same time, through academic activities in pursuit of Arts and Design, the Division trains highly creative researchers with proven research and development capabilities, and educators with a strong aptitude for both education and research.
The Division has so far produced 52 graduates with doctoral degrees(in Arts and Design, as of October 2014).

Curriculum design features

As the fundamental specialized research cores, the Doctoral Degree Course has established the following four academic domains: Space and Environment Research Core; Humanity, Products and Life Core; Media and Communication; and Art and Creation. The curriculum is designed to promote specialized joint projects with other universities, research institutes, the industrial community and the local community.