Department of Environmental Design


Department of Environmental Design

Seeking to train designers who can create total space designs to shape the future of sustainable community design and new lifestyles.

Renovation Design Course

Students of the Renovation Design Course study how to design better living spaces, through the reuse of existing buildings and interiors, building renovation, and revitalization of housing complexes. Students acquire the techniques and design ability required for various renovations, extensions and reconstruction work.

Architectural Design Course

The curriculum of the Architectural Design Course features a wide variety of building designs, including designs of housing, commercial facilities, schools and other public architecture that enrich people’s lives. The Course also provides knowledge about construction techniques, history and culture and harmonization with the natural environment.

Landscape Design Course

The Landscape Design Course helps students develop abilities to design outdoor spaces, such as parks, plazas, and green areas around buildings. Students acquire methodology of comprehensive environmental creation making effective use of natural ecosystems and state-of-the-art science and technologies.

Community Design Course

In the Community Design Course, students learn about designing a community where various people live together. They study not only how to design buildings, roads and parks, but also how to develop a safe and secure community.