International Exchange

As an interactive project with Montreal, which received designation as a City of Design of the UNESCO Creative City of Design Network in 2009, the same designation awarded to Kobe, an international workshop themed on reinventing the landscape and environment design of Kobe titled “WAT_Kobe Japan 2009” was held at KOBE DU, with more than 50 faculty members and graduate students participating from eight countries.
Faculty members and graduate students of KOBE DU as well as Kobe University, as universities of the host city, also participated in the workshop, and together, issues and possibilities of the six project target regions of Kobe City were discussed, and specific design propositions for urban improvement were compiled. In December 2011, “WAT_Montreal 2011” was held in Montreal, Canada. We will henceforth develop and operate the UNESCO course “WAT_Setouchi” with Montreal University.
As a member of Cumulus, one of the world’s largest organizations in the field of art, design and media, established in 1990, KOBE DU is actively engaged in international exchange with 226 design-related universities from 49 countries around the world as of 2015. Through coordination with Cumulus, KOBE DU will work together with other member universities to promote academic exchange as well as programs for student exchange in the future.