International Students

We welcome students from overseas to study at Kobe Design University.
We have 68 international students out of 1796 students now.

(2015 academic year)

International Students Enrollment(As of May, 2015)

Number of International Students: 68 in total

  • Korea : 14
  • China : 38
  • Taiwan : 6
  • Hong Kong : 1
  • Indonesia : 2
  • India : 1
  • Bosnia : 1
  • Portugal : 1
  • Tunisia : 1
  • Brazil : 1
  • Republic of Dominica : 1
  • Netherland : 1


Kobe Design University offers the system that the tuition fee for self-financed international students can be exempted (school expenses can be paid in four installments a year)

  • Japanese-language classes for international students
  • A Japanese student supports each international student as a tutor
  • Welcoming Program (home-stay or homevisit programs)
  • Procedures, including amendments of one’s status of residence and extension of visa status
  • Applying for residence eligibility
  • The guarantee system done by the university, including residence cosigners (deposit and other fees required)


Students can apply for scholarships provided from private foundations, Japanese government or local prefecture governments through university after enrolling the university. You can apply for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) scholarship before coming to Japan. Please contact Japanese Embassy in your country about details.


A dormitory is not available in our university. The international student house (owned by Kobe city) is located near the university. We can also arrange a “homestay” (staying at Japanese private home). We offer information on private housing (apartment) for international students.

We can act as international students’ guarantor when you need it for making housing contract. (we require you to prove your financially secure during your period of study in Japan)

Part-Time Job

By immigration law, international students cannot work during their stay in Japan. If you could obtain permission from the regional immigration office before starting part-time job, you can work 28 hours per week at maximum.


We expect all applicants to understand Japanese because all our lectures are offered in Japanese. We have Japanese language class for international students.

To help starting your college life, we introduce Japanese student as a tutor for each international student. Tutor students are full-time undergraduate or graduate students.
Only the first-year student can apply for this tutoring program once.

Access to the campus

A 60-minute ride by shuttle bus from Kansai International Airport to Sannomiya (Kobe’s central area). From Sannomiya Station, take the Kobe Municipal Subway (Seishin-Yamate Line bound for Seishin-Chuo) to Gakuen-toshi Station. A six-minute walk from Gakuen-toshi Station.

8-1-1 Gakuennishi-machi,Nishi-ku, Kobe, 651-2196 Japan
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