Integrated Arts and Design Division

Master’s Degree Course Integrated Arts & Design Division

The Master’s Degree Course of the Integrated Arts & Design Division fosters internationally-minded artists, designers and creators, by developing and further deepening individual students’ expertise acquired in undergraduate studies to pursue Arts and Design, which encompasses the three research fields — “science & technology”, “art & culture”, and “humanity & history”.
Students of this Course can also work on practical research and production on various themes in the field that integrates interaction design, sustainable design, universal design, asian design etc.

Curriculum design features

To enable students to broaden their perspectives and to acquire greater sensitivity, the Master’s Degree Course offers two basic subjects, Theory of Arts and Design and Academic Literacy & Presentation, as well as subjects of the Integrated Project for Research, which students work on as a team transcending the fields of specialties.
The Division’s curriculum also includes comprehensive program subjects that cover several academic domains, and specialized program subjects that are closely related to the undergraduate studies.
Individual students conduct special research on their own themes under the guidance of excellent faculty members, and compile their findings as their Master’s thesis (works).