International Student Survey

Survey for International students.
It shows you that why our international students choose Kobe Design University (KOBE DU) and please refer to know about our KOBE DU.

Q1. Why did you choose to enter KOBE DU?

  • Before I came to Japan, I researched and collected much information about Japanese Universities and found that KOBE DU is the most suitable university for my research. In addition, when I contacted KOBE DU, I received a very kind response from them even I couldn’t speak Japanese well. (Graduate School)
  • I participated in the KOBE DU “Open Campus” and felt it was very good environment to study.(Dept. Visual Design)
  • There was a suitable department for me that had a very interesting curriculum. (Dept. Manga)

Q2. What kind of class do you have?

  • I mainly have classes which are about drawing or Manga story writing. I also have class shooting film and group work with classmates creating Manga. (Dept. Manga)
  • I have classes that I can study about all area of Fashion and Textile Design including fashion design, fashion planning, and textile Design. In the fashion design course I created skirts and denim pants. In the fashion planning course I edited a fashion magazine. When I will be in the 2nd grade, I will decide which course I would like to continue to study. (Dept. Fashion Design)

Q3. What aspects of KOBE DU do you like?

  • Teachers are very kind. They try to understand and respect student’s unique thought. (Dept. Product Design)
  • Creative Freedom (Dept. Image Art)
  • Students can choose their specialization before they starts the 3rd-year. Therefore there is enough be time to think their future properly (Dept. Environmental Design)
  • There are many talented people and a good environmental which help students to develop. There are many chances to attend workshops and projects.(Graduate School)

Q4. What kind of career plan do you have after you graduate KOBE DU?

  • Get a job in my home country with the knowledge and the skills which I learned at KOBE DU. (Dept. Visual Design)
  • Get a job in Japan (Dept. Image Art)
  • At first, get a job in Japan. After I can develop my skill sets, I plan to go back to my home country and find a career. (Dept. Product Design)

Q5. Please give a message to prospective students!

  • There are many chances to have international relationships. You are able to discover your talents and yourself. (Dept. Product Design)
  • KOBE DU is an understanding university. You can discover what you like and grow. Let’s try to find your way.
  • You can study and obtain skills which will be useful for your future. Please enjoy and do your best. (Dept. Visual Design)