KOBE DU Comprehensive Research Organization

Kobe DU Comprehensive Research Organization supports and promotes collaborative research and education within and outside the University, industryuniversity collaboration, international collaboration, funded research, activities surrounding Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, management of institutes of the Organization, intellectual properties in design, the Society for Design and Art Fusing with Science and Technology, and more, in order to further activate research in arts and design.
In AY 2017, emphasis will be put on research on social issues, international collaboration and collaboration in education from the perspective of “Arts and Design,” and to this end, establishment of a flexible structure to conduct research activities that meet the needs of future society will be promoted. Also, activities of the Research Organization are coordinated with the graduate school curriculum to reflect and utilize research topics and their results in education.

Each institute has a set of research subjects, and conducts interdisciplinary and comprehensive research investigations, academic exchanges with research organizations within and outside of Japan, gathers results, etc., as well as hosts events such as research presentations, exhibitions, seminars, and symposiums.