Graduate School of Arts and Design Master’s Degree Course Admission for International Students 2021 Spring

※All applicants need to obtain a consent from a mentoring professor at Kobe Design University before making an application. Please contact us to arrange the meeting with your desired professor before August 21st 2020 for Schedule A or January 6th 2021 for Schedule B.

1. Number of Openings(募集人員)

Limited to a small number

2. Selection Process(選考方法)

1.Application Screening (Research Plan)
2.Creativity Evaluation by (1) and (2), Presentation and Q&A (about 15 min)
(1) Portfolio
To present your previous activities and achievements in the related field.
(2) Works or Paper
Works: Bring 3 or more examples of your works.
Paper: Bring 1or more paper (Bachelor’s thesis, Academic paper, Published paper, etc.) with an explanation display panel.
3. Individual interview (about 15 min)

The entrance examination will be held at Kobe Design University. All applicants will be notified of the specific time and place for the entrance examination in which applicants demonstrate visual awareness, technical skill and creativity.

3. Eligibility(出願資格)

Eligibility extends to applicants who do not have Japanese nationality and meet one of the following criteria from 1 to 8 and as well as meeting the criteria 9.

  1. Those who have graduated from a university in Japan, or are expecting to graduate from it before the end of March 2021.
  2. Those who have received a bachelor degree from an institution, following the regulation in the School Education Act (Act No.26 of 1947) Article 68-2, paragraph 3, or are expecting to receive it before the end of March 2021.
  3. Those who have completed 16 years of school education outside Japan, or are expecting to complete it before the end of March 2021.
  4. Those who have had a correspondence education that a foreign school performs in Japan and have completed 16 years education, or are expecting to complete it before the end of March 2021.
  5. Those who have completed a foreign school’s education in Japan which is designated by MEXT to be equivalent to a foreign undergraduate school, or are expecting to complete it before the end of March 2021.
  6. Those who have completed a specialized course at a specialized training college which is designated by MEXT, or are expecting to complete it before the end of March 2021.
  7. Those who are designated by MEXT
  8. Those who are 22 years or older, and are recognized by the individual eligibility screening at Kobe DU as having qualifications equivalent or superior to university graduates.
  9. Those who have a certificate of (1) and / or (2)

(1) N2 or above in JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
(2) Score of 220 or above in Japanese EJU (Examination for Japanese UniversityAdmission for International Students)

※MEXT: Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Sciences and Technology.
※Kobe DU: Kobe Design University

4. Application Documents(出願書類)

1.Application Form*
2.Research Plan*
3.Paper (if you submit a paper rather than work)
4.Two Recommendation Letters from the professors who supervised you at your university. They must be sealed otherwise they are invalid if opened.
5.Certificate of Graduation or Expected Graduation from the undergraduate school
6.Official Undergraduate School Transcript
7.A return envelope with your address written and a 430yen-registered express mail stamp on*
8.Survey Sheet for the portfolio and works*
9.Survey Sheet for use of equipment for display of your work or paper*
10.Japanese Language Certificate (Original) (1) or (2)
(1) N2 or above in JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
(2) Score of 220 or above in Japanese EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students)
11.Certificate of Residence (issued by administrative institution in Japan) or copy of all pages of your passport (if you apply from outside Japan)
13.Financial Support Information Form*
14.Certificate of Employment of your Financial Supporter
15.Certificate of MEXT Scholarship (only if you are a MEXT Scholarship student)
*Please use Kobe DU prescribed forms.


  • All the documents must be written in Japanese by applicants.
  • Item 4 may be written in English or Japanese. In case you cannot get a recommendation letter from the professor who supervised you because of passage of time, please contact us.
  • Items 5, 6 and 11 must be submitted within 3 months of the issue.

5. Schedule for the Procedures for the year 2021 (日程)

Procedures Schedule A Schedule B
Application Period * Sep/04/2020(Fri)~Sep/11/2020(Fri) Jan/20/2021(Wed)~Jan/28/2021(Thu)
Entrance Examination And Interview Oct/03/2020(Sat) Feb/20/2021(Sat)
Notification of the Results Oct/09/2020(Fri) Feb/26/2021(Fri)
Registrations and Payment of Entrance Fee Oct/12/2020(Mon)~Oct/20/2020(Tue) Mar/01/2021(Mon)~Mar/09/2021(Tue)

*Application documents must arrive within the application period.


  • Examination fee is 30,000yen.
  • Information relating to enrollment procedures will be sent to successful candidates.
  • Applicants who are admitted to Kobe Design University must register and pay an entrance fee.

6. Annual Tuition Fee (学費)

(Japanese YEN)

Entrance Fee
(Only the first year)
360,000 360,000
Tuition 325,000 325,000 650,000
Educational Enhancement Fee 175,000 175,000 350,000
Total 860,000 500,000 1,360,000

*Educational Support Association Fee (20,000yen) and Students Forum Fee (20,000yen) are required when you enroll.
*The fees do not include personal expenses for travels, books or materials.

7.Note (その他)

  • Applicants residing outside Japan should contact the Admission Office regarding the admission procedure and information materials.
  • Japanese language proficiency is essential. All application materials and examinations are in Japanese.
  • All lectures are taught in Japanese only.
  • Japanese language classes for foreign students (at the undergraduate school) and a tutoring system by Japanese students are available at Kobe DU.
  • Kobe Design University has no dormitory but apartments dedicated for Kobe DU students are available for international students. (The number of rooms is limited.)
  • The Academic year starts in April.
  • This page only provides basic information. Please read through more details on our Japanese website.
  • In case you find yourself infected with virus or flu which is established by School Health and Safety Act, please contact the Office of Graduate School by the day before the entrance examination. Examination fee is refundable under certain conditions.

8. Honors Students (特待生制度)

The Graduate School offers a first-year honors student program, which exempts half of the first-year annual tuition (325,000yen) for students selected on the basis of entrance examination results.
For the second-year honors students, there is another program allowing exemption of half of the annual tuition (325,000yen) for those who are selected from among all students on the basis of the first year’s achievement.
For more details, please contact us.

9. Contact

Kobe Design University
Office of Graduate School