Department of Visual Design

Nurturing artists who facilitate visual communication by making full use of the latest digital skills and classic handwork techniques to create text, pictures, and motion graphics.

Graphic Design Course

This course explores a vast realm of design including that of posters, brochures, and packages. Opportunities abound to develop students’ practical ability through collaborative projects with local communities and companies. This Course aims to train students as creators who can play active roles in various fields.

Editorial Design Course

Editorial design refers to editing and designing books, magazines, newspaper, and various other printed materials. By mainly offering classes on DTP-dedicated software, this course trains students into editorial design professionals and book designers who can engage actively in various fields.

Web, Motion Graphics Course

This course provides students with an opportunity to learn a wide range of modes of expressions using information media, from basic web skills including HTML to visual expressions and media art. The course aims to develop creators who are able to work in various fields to meet advanced needs in web space and keep pace with ever-evolving technology.

Illustration and Picturebook Creation Course

Illustrations can enrich visual communication and make it colorful. Students study how to create picture books for readers of all ages. They acquire basic techniques and knowledge that meet the latest trends, and receive practical training on how to develop their ideas, so as to find new expressions to answer the needs and expectations of society in the future.


First-year students Theoretical Studies of Visual DesignⅠ/Ⅱ
Visual Design: basic practice
Visual Design Ⅰ
Design Practice of Iconography
Web Design Basics
DTP Basics
Digital Design Ⅰ : basic practice
Digital Design Ⅱ : advanced practice
Second-year students Theory of Creative Adventising
Visual Design Ⅱ
Advertising and Planning Design
Motion Graphics Basics
Web and Motion Graphics Practice
DTP Practice
Web and E-book Basics
Motion Graphics
Basic Printing Production
Theoretical Studies of Picture Book
Picture Book-making and Illustration : basic practice
Package DesignⅠ
Character Design A/B
Visual Art Practice
Theory of Urban Space Graphics
Illustration Program A/B
Urban Space Graphics Practice
Book Design
Visual Design A/B
Third-year students Theory of Visual Design
Graphic and Communication Design
Theoretical Study of Typesetting Design
Package DesignⅡ
Realistic Illustration A/B
Motion Illustration
Graphic Design : seminar
Advertising and Planning Seminar
Urban Space Graphics Seminar
Editorial Design : seminar
Web and E-book Seminar
Web Designing Graphics:seminar
Illustration and Drawing : seminar
Visual Art and Illustration Seminar
Picture Book Creation
Visual Design: Comprehensive Seminar
Fourth-year students Graduation Research