Department of Architecture and Environmental Design

In this department, students learn how to grasp various social changes, understand the mechanisms that make up living spaces, make continuous improvement to the quality of urban/regional spaces and living environments, and design new spaces that meet the needs of the times.

Urban and Landscape Design Course

Urban design refers not only to urban planning but also to the design of living environments, including how to use and manage them. Landscape design creates external spaces, such as green areas and parks, which make use of urban landscape and architecture. By learning imagination skills and design skills in urban and landscape design, students acquire the ability to design, consider, and propose a vision for the future of cities and spaces.

Architecture and Renovation Course

Regarding architecture, students learn the basic techniques of architectural design, composition and analysis skills to design spaces, and the history and society that lead to the creation of architectural culture. Renovation is the technique of renovating old buildings and connecting them to the future. By learning these techniques and design skills in architecture and renovation, students become able to propose new buildings suited to the future and to create new value in line with present-day demands from existing buildings.

Creative Space and Interior Design Course

Students acquire planning, design, and branding skills concerning creative spaces, focusing on the features of future architectural and environmental fields and on creative spaces, interiors, and space production that help resolve social issues. By adding creative spaces, housing and interiors, and space production to the basic architecture field, this course allows students to pursue architectural and environmental design from a broad perspective.