Research Student Admission

1.Research Students Program(研究生)

Research Students at Kobe DU are allowed to conduct their own particular research under the supervision of an institute faculty member.

2.Eligibility (出願資格)

Eligibility extends to applicants who meet the criteria 1 or 2, and as well as meeting the criteria 3 if you are a foreign student.

  1. Those who have graduated or are expecting to graduate from a university, or are recognized as having qualifications equivalent or superior to university graduates.
  2. Those who have completed or are expecting to complete graduate school, or are recognized as having qualifications equivalent or superior to graduate school.
  3. Those who have a certificate of (1) or (2) if you are a foreign student (except for Kobe DU alumni or MEXT students).
    (1) N2 or above in JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
    (2) Score of 220 or above in Japanese EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students)

※MEXT: Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Sciences and Technology.
※Kobe DU: Kobe Design University

3.Study Duration (研究期間)

One semester (6 months) or two semesters (one year)
An extension may be granted in certain cases.

ONE YEAR April / 1 / 2023 ~ March / 31 / 2024
HALF-YEAR > Spring Semester : April / 1 / 2023 ~ September / 30 / 2023
> Fall Semester : October / 1 / 2023 ~ March / 31 / 2024

4.Research Guidelines (研究方法)

Research Students conduct their research following their own theme. They may take lectures as long as their supervisors permit, but no credits will be accredited.


All applicants need to contact us to have a meeting with a mentoring professor during the entry period. Please follow this step-by-step guide.

STEP1: Choose your mentoring professor.

STEP2: Email Items (1), (2), and (3) to
(1) Entry Sheet [PDF]
(2) Research Plan
(3) Portfolio

STEP3: Screening by a mentoring professor.

STEP4: Meeting at Kobe Design University.

Only successful candidates selected by mentoring professors will be able to apply for the admission.

6.Entry period (エントリー期間)

Spring Semester: January 17th 2023 ~ January 31th 2023
Fall Semester: June 26th 2023 ~ July 10th 2023

7.Application Period (出願期間)

Spring Semester: February 6th 2023 ~ February 20th 2023
Fall Semester: July 11th 2023 ~ July 25th 2023

8.Application Procedures (出願手続)

All the application documents must be submitted to the Admission Office by registered mail before the end of Application Period.

9.Entrance Examination Fee (入学検定料)


10.Application Documents (出願書類)

  1. Application Form in Japanese with Photo(Provided Form)
  2. Research Plan in Japanese (Provided Form)
  3. Curriculum Vitae in Japanese (Provided Form)
  4. Certificate of Graduation/Completion or Expected Graduation/Completion from the final academic institution
  5. Certificate of Bachelor(/ Master’s) Degree or Expected Bachelor (/ Master’s)Degree (if you graduated or expect to graduate from a university outside Japan)
  6. Official Academic Transcript from the final academic institution
  7. Medical Examination Report issued by doctor within the last 3 months.
    (For Kobe DU students, submit the Medical Report issued by Kobe DU)
  8. Letter of Approval from employer (Provided Form)
    (Only if the applicant is currently employed)
  9. 4×3 cm size photo taken within the last 3 months
  10. Japanese Language Certificate (a) and/or (b) for foreign students
    (a) N2 or above in JLPT (Japanese Proficiency Test)
    (b) Score of 220 or above in Japanese EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students)
    ※For Kobe DU alumni, alternatively submit “Official Academic Transcript” to prove accreditation of the subject “Japanese”.
    ※If applicants are MEXT scholarship students and do not meet the language requirement above, please contact us before starting the application.
  11. Copy of Passport and (a) or (b)
    (a) Certificate of Residence or Residence Card of Japan
    (b) Identity Certificate (Card) issued by the Japanese government, the foreign government approved by the Japanese government or the foreign embassy office in Japan, or Certificate which is equivalent to this.

NOTE: Items 4 and 5 should be written in Japanese or English. If not, please translate them and obtain translation certificates from public institutions such as the embassy or consulate.

11. Entrance Procedures (入学手続)

Information relating to the entrance procedures will be sent to successful candidates.
They must register and pay tuition fees by the deadline.

March / 10 / 2023
March / 17 / 2023 March / 31 / 2023
August / 10 / 2023
August / 25 / 2023 September / 15 / 2023

12.Tuition Fee (学費)

(Japanese YEN)

Half-Year One Year
TUITION 150,000 300,000
Educational Enhancement Fee 50,000 100,000
TOTAL 200,000 400,000


  • All the lectures are taught in Japanese only.
  • Regardless of an admission result, the application documents cannot be returned.
  • Once the entrance examination fee and/or school fees are paid, they cannot be refunded. In case of cancelation of enrollment, only the school fees will be refunded if declinature for entrance is submitted by the deadline.
  • This page only provides basic information. More details are available on our Japanese website.

14. Contact

Kobe Design University
Office of Academic Affairs
TEL: 078-794-5024